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With intuitive design and compliance support: yourWhistleblower system for a corporate culture based on trust.

Protect your business from misconduct - effortlessly and effectively.

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Always keep the overview

Our platform enables easy management and tracking of leads.

Do not miss a deadline

Automatic notifications help you stay on top of deadlines.

Communicate with the whistleblower

A seamless communication channel supports the dialog with the reporting party.

Case categories help sorting

Structured case categories facilitate efficient sorting and processing of leads.

Privacy Dragon

Designed for security and anonymity

No naming necessary

Confidential messages without identity disclosure. Create an open culture of communication, without hesitation.

DSGVO compliant

Data protection compliant according to DSGVO. Secure the confidentiality of your company data.

Encrypted data

Your sensitive data is protected by advanced encryption technologies. Confidential information stays private.

User friendly interface

Our platform provides an intuitive user interface for a smooth and efficient user experience.

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  1. 01What is a whistleblower system or whistleblower system?

    A Whistleblower system also known as the whistleblower system, is a critical tool for promoting transparency, compliance and integrity within companies. It offers employees the opportunity to report grievances, violations of laws or internal policies, and ethical misconduct within an organization securely and confidentially. This system creates a communication platform that allows employees to openly voice their concerns without fear of reprisal or discrimination. A whistleblower system is of great importance to companies because it helps identify potential problems early on, minimizes legal risks and promotes a culture of openness and accountability.

    Overall, a whistleblower system is an indispensable tool for modern companies with 50 or more employees. It supports the promotion of integrity, transparency and compliance and helps build long-term success and trust.

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What you can expect from tell it

Sicherheit & Anonymität

Security & Anonymity

Protect whistleblowers by allowing them to report tips anonymously. An individual, protected and anonymous login enables whistleblowers to continue to be available for queries.


Deadline management

According to the Whistleblower Protection Act, messages must be sent to the whistleblower after specified periods of time. With tell it deadline management, the system informs you in good time about upcoming deadlines.



The tell it whistleblower system is available in more than 30 languages. Among them German, English, Spanish, French and more.

Einfache Fallbearbeitung

Simple case processing

The platform is designed to be simple and clear. This enables the processor to work on the notes through the entire process - from the incoming report to be submitted to the conclusion of the note.

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Your direct line to tell it

With our personal contact, you have a direct line to the expert on our whistleblower platform. Andrea specializes in handling your inquiries professionally and ensuring that your information is heard and handled appropriately.

Andrea Valesic-Simunkovic

Andrea Valesic-Simunkovic

Head of Business Development

Transparency and trust: The Benefits of Company-Based Whistleblowing

In today's business environment, companies face the challenge of promoting transparency and integrity while ensuring that potential violations or misconduct are identified early. Corporate whistleblowing has proven to be a powerful tool to achieve these goals.

Promotion of an open communication culture

A key benefit of company-supported whistleblowing is the promotion of an open communication culture. Employees are encouraged to raise concerns and report violations without fear of reprisal. This creates an environment in which misconduct can be identified and remedied at an early stage before it has a serious impact on the company.

Confidentiality and anonymity as cornerstones

Company-supported whistleblowing offers employees the opportunity to submit reports anonymously or confidentially. This confidentiality creates the necessary security for employees who may have concerns about reporting violations. Anonymity allows them to promote ethical behavior without fear of negative consequences or stigma.

Early detection and prevention

One of the most notable benefits of company-based whistleblowing is the ability to identify violations early. With easy access to a transparent reporting channel, potential issues can be quickly identified and addressed. This enables companies to take preventive action and minimize damage to the company and its reputation.

Adherence to compliance guidelines

Corporate whistleblowing plays a critical role in compliance. Companies are often required by law to provide mechanisms to report violations of laws and regulations. An effective whistleblowing platform ensures that these requirements are met and helps minimize legal risks.

Strengthening trust between employees and the company

By implementing a company-supported whistleblowing system, a company demonstrates its commitment to integrity and accountability. This strengthens trust between employees and managers by demonstrating that the company is willing to address concerns and take concrete action.

Final thoughts

Corporate whistleblowing is much more than just a mechanism for reporting violations. It is a tool for creating a culture of transparency, confidentiality and accountability. By fostering open communication, ensuring anonymity, and identifying breaches early, it contributes significantly to the health and integrity of companies. If you're interested in setting your company on the path to a trustworthy and transparent future, implementing an enterprise-based whistleblowing system could be the right step.