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Strengthen your corporate culture with our whistleblower system - trust, protection and openness for all employees.

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Five reasons why your employees will love tell it

Empowerment, security and transparency - The reasons your employees will appreciate tell it.


Trustworthy corporate culture

tell it ensures transparency and trustworthiness in the company. This makes you more attractive as an employer.


Social responsibility

tell it emphasizes the social responsibility of its company, which appeals to employees who value social commitment.


Employee retention

tell it promotes trust among your employees and increases retention and motivation.


Stronger employee voice

tell it allows employees to voice concerns securely and anonymously, which promotes engagement and satisfaction.


Positive image

Active protection for whistleblowers creates a positive corporate image and attracts ethical applicants.

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Manage your subcontractors

Keep track: With our platform, you can efficiently and securely manage subcontractor information and resolve grievances.

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tell it in comparison

Decisive advantages of our whistleblower platform in comparison

Physical mailboxInternal departmentE-mail servicetell it
Confidential or anonymous
Cost effective solution
DSGVO Compliant
Ease of use

tell it

  • Confidential or anonymous
  • Cost effective solution
  • DSGVO Compliant
  • Security
  • Ease of use

Physical mailbox

  • Confidential or anonymous
  • Cost effective solution
  • DSGVO Compliant
  • Security
  • Ease of use

Internal department

  • Confidential or anonymous
  • Cost effective solution
  • DSGVO Compliant
  • Security
  • Ease of use

E-mail service

  • Confidential or anonymous
  • Cost effective solution
  • DSGVO Compliant
  • Security
  • Ease of use
Privacy Dragon

Designed for security and anonymity

No naming necessary

Confidential messages without identity disclosure. Create an open culture of communication, without hesitation.

DSGVO compliant

Data protection compliant according to DSGVO. Secure the confidentiality of your company data.

Encrypted data

Your sensitive data is protected by advanced encryption technologies. Confidential information stays private.

User friendly interface

Our platform provides an intuitive user interface for a smooth and efficient user experience.

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What you can expect from tell it

Sicherheit & Anonymität

Security & Anonymity

Protect whistleblowers by allowing them to report tips anonymously. An individual, protected and anonymous login enables whistleblowers to continue to be available for queries.


Deadline management

According to the Whistleblower Protection Act, messages must be sent to the whistleblower after specified periods of time. With tell it deadline management, the system informs you in good time about upcoming deadlines.



The tell it whistleblower system is available in more than 30 languages. Among them German, English, Spanish, French and more.

Einfache Fallbearbeitung

Simple case processing

The platform is designed to be simple and clear. This enables the processor to work on the notes through the entire process - from the incoming report to be submitted to the conclusion of the note.

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Your direct line to tell it

With our personal contact, you have a direct line to the expert on our whistleblower platform. Andrea specializes in handling your inquiries professionally and ensuring that your information is heard and handled appropriately.

Andrea Valesic-Simunkovic

Andrea Valesic-Simunkovic

Head of Business Development

Whistleblower system for companies: Trust, protection and maximum compliance

At a time when business ethics and legal compliance are becoming increasingly important, a reliable whistleblowing system is essential for companies. This tool enables employees to report concerns and misconduct in a secure manner, helping to promote a responsible corporate culture. In this article, we highlight the many benefits of a whistleblower system and how it can help create a transparent, protected and legally compliant work environment.

Why a whistleblower system?

The implementation of a whistleblower system is not only important for large companies, but also for medium-sized enterprises and smaller businesses. Such a system provides a confidential platform where employees can report indications of potential wrongdoing or misconduct. This not only promotes openness within the organization, but also makes it possible to respond to problems in good time and minimize potential risks.

Trust and protection for employees

An effective whistleblowing system offers employees the security of knowing that their reports will be treated confidentially. Anonymity is a key element here, giving employees the opportunity to speak out without fear of reprisal. This creates trust between employees and the company, as employees know that their voice will be heard and potential grievances addressed.

Strengthening the corporate culture

A whistleblower system sends a clear message to employees: Their well-being and the integrity of the company are the focus. By creating an open environment where misconduct does not stand a chance, companies strengthen their corporate culture and promote values such as responsibility and integrity. Employees feel encouraged to actively contribute to improving the work environment.

Early detection of problems

A whistleblower system enables companies to identify potential problems early on and correct them before they become serious difficulties. Employees are often the first to point out irregularities or misconduct. By giving them the opportunity to raise these concerns, companies can be proactive and prevent damage to their reputation, employees and financial integrity.

Compliance with laws and regulations

Another important aspect of a whistleblowing system is ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. Especially in times of strict regulations and data protection rules, it is crucial for companies to ensure that they comply with legal requirements. A whistleblower system can help uncover violations and take appropriate action to avoid legal consequences.

Data confidentiality and security

When implementing a whistleblower system, the confidentiality and security of reported data is of utmost importance. Organizations must ensure that information is stored and transmitted securely to protect the identity of whistleblowers. Modern whistleblowing systems use advanced encryption technologies to ensure that data is protected and can only be viewed by authorized individuals.

Our whistleblower platform: Your solution for trust and protection

Our whistleblower platform is designed to provide companies with a secure and confidential environment for reporting concerns and misconduct. We understand the importance of trust, integrity and privacy. Our platform enables companies to create a culture of openness while ensuring regulatory compliance.


A whistleblower system is an indispensable tool for companies to promote ethical standards, minimize risks and create a responsible work environment. It enables employees to speak up without fear of repercussions and helps companies comply with laws and regulations. If you're looking for a solution that combines trust, protection and compliance, our whistleblower platform is the answer.