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Transparency and protection for whistleblowers

The Whistleblower Protection Act in Implementation

Who is affected by the law?

The law affects companies with more than 50 employees in Germany and creates a legal framework for the protection of whistleblowers.

When did the law become active?

The Whistleblower Protection Act has been in force since 02 July 2023 for companies with more than 250 employees. It sets out clear guidelines for dealing with reports of violations.

Companies with 50 or more employees are eligible from the December 17, 2023 obligated.

What is the purpose of the law?

The law encourages the disclosure of wrongdoing and Protects whistleblowers from reprisals. It contributes to the creation of a trusting corporate culture and transparent compliance.

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Questions about the law?

Our experienced attorney and managing director, Nico Werdermann, is available to address any legal issues related to the Whistleblower Protection Act and compliance. With extensive expertise and a deep commitment to integrity, he supports you in implementing and applying best practices.

Nico Werdermann

Nico Werdermann

Lawyer and managing director

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Meldung von Hinweisen an externe Stellen vermeiden

Avoid reporting indications to external bodies

The draft of the Whistleblower Protection Act provides for two possible recipients of tips for potential whistleblowers: the internal and the external reporting office.

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Neues Hinweisgeberschutzgesetz

The Whistleblower Protection Act

Learn more about the new Whistleblower Protection Act and set up your internal reporting channel with Tell IT.

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Interne Meldestelle einrichten

What is the threat if a company does not set up an internal reporting office?

The future Whistleblower Protection Act contains many requirements for companies, such as the establishment and operation of an internal reporting office. If a company does not comply with these regulations, it faces heavy fines.

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How tell it helps your company comply with the Whistleblower Protection Act

tell it is designed to ensure your business is compliant with regulatory requirements.

Sicherheit & Anonymität

Security & Anonymity

Support whistleblowers by enabling them to report tips anonymously. An individual, protected and anonymous login enables whistleblowers to continue to be available for queries.


Deadline management

According to the Whistleblower Protection Act, messages must be sent to the whistleblower after specified periods of time. With tell it deadline management, the system informs you in good time about upcoming deadlines.



The tell it whistleblower system is available in more than 30 languages. Among them German, English, Spanish, French and more.

Einfache Fallbearbeitung

Simple case processing

The platform is designed to be simple and clear. This enables the processor to work on the notes through the entire process - from the incoming report to be submitted to the conclusion of the note.

Frequently asked questions

  1. 01What is a whistleblower system or whistleblower system?

    A Whistleblower system also known as the whistleblower system, is a critical tool for promoting transparency, compliance and integrity within companies. It offers employees the opportunity to report grievances, violations of laws or internal policies, and ethical misconduct within an organization securely and confidentially. This system creates a communication platform that allows employees to openly voice their concerns without fear of reprisal or discrimination. A whistleblower system is of great importance to companies because it helps identify potential problems early on, minimizes legal risks and promotes a culture of openness and accountability.

    Overall, a whistleblower system is an indispensable tool for modern companies with 50 or more employees. It supports the promotion of integrity, transparency and compliance and helps build long-term success and trust.

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